CatRIS Launch Event: Increasing your services’ visibility and impact through the CatRIS portal

Date & Time 11 March 2021 10.00 CET
Address Virtual

CatRIS is an open, trusted and user-friendly portal to a harmonised and aggregated catalogue of services and resources provided by Research Infrastructures (RI) and Core Facilities (CF) across Europe. It is a bottom-up initiative that is meant to be populated and run by RI and CF service providers at European, national, regional and institutional levels. So far, more than 100 Research Infrastructures have registered nearly more than 500 services and have improved their discoverability all over Europe.

This event intends to announce and showcase the full operability of CatRIS Portal and provide the audience with an overview of a tool aiming at increasing the visibility of Research Services from any field of science, while enhancing accessibility, usage an impact.

In the CatRIS launch event 11 March, you will find out how you can increase your services’ visibility and impact through the CatRIS Portal, building a network of networks committed to enhancing RI accessibility, usage and impact for the benefit of the European research community.
Registration link and more information can be found here.