6th NorMIC Imaging Workshop 2021

Date & Time 25-28 May 2021 at
Address Virtual

The NorMIC series of workshops aims to teach biological researchers (PhD students, postdocs and young PIs) the principles of biological microscopes and image processing, and to educate them about the pros and cons of different types of microscopes and processing algorithms, alongside the potential artefacts that might come with using the technology.

The workshop, organised by NCMM and Oddmund Bakke, Department of Life Sciences, UiO will cover the basics of optical microscope image formation, common artefacts, image data management with regards to the FAIR data principle. All are taught with an emphasis on image processing. Workshop will cover the key techniques used in image processing alongside the common tools that are either free for researchers to use or available at the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital’s shared facilities.

The topics we will cover include: image formation, processing workflow, segmentation, filters, de-convolution, rendering and visualization, classification, AI-based processing – see poster above for full details.

The software will be used in the workshop: Image J, Imaris, Cell Profiler, Nikon NIS, and Matlab.

Read more about the workshop here. Registration is open until 24 May 2021 here.