4th Value Added Medicines Conference

Date & Time 30 November 2022
Address Thon Hotel EU
Location Brussels, Belgium


Value Added Medicines (VAMs) present an opportunity to bring treatments for indications with no approved therapies and improve existing ones. They can reduce unmet medical need (repurposing/repositioning), optimise existing medicines to allow for patient-centric design or address healthcare inefficiencies (reformulation) and combine medicines or substances with digital services or devices to substantially improve treatment outcomes (complex combinations).

In Europe, there is significant untapped potential in innovation on existing therapies, providing an opportunity for patients, healthcare providers, payers, industry and healthcare systems. Re-evaluating the current innovation model should lead to greater focus on ways to stimulate innovation across the lifecycle of medicines and especially on off-patent molecules.

To promote an innovation ecosystem that focuses on relevant benefits to society, we need to consider some fundamental changes in the way innovation is currently fostered and evaluated. The pharmaceutical industry is transforming to continuously bring value to patients through sustained innovation in off-patent medicines.

  • How can VAMs address some of the key healthcare challenges of today?
  • How can the value of VAMs be captured for society?
  • How are we advancing medicine repurposing in Europe?
  • How could we shape an EU environment that supports continuous treatment improvements? How does continuous innovation fit into the broader EU agenda to bolster access to treatment and innovation?

The Value Added Medicines Conference will gather a wide range of experts in the healthcare community to share best practices and discuss patient access to continuous innovation.

Anton Ussi (EATRIS Operations & Finance Director) will be moderating the panel discussion “Advancing Medicines Repurposing: A golden opportunity yet to come to fruition“. This session will bring together different stakeholders to explore how to advance the European repurposing ecosystem.

Join the conference to learn and to discuss the current environment, challenges, and opportunities in Europe. Learn more and register here.