15th European Molecular Imaging Meeting

Date & Time March 24-27, 2020
Location Virtual event


On August 25, 2020,  there will be a session dedicated on “How Life Science Research Infrastructures can support your research” This session will give insights into the following RIs: Euro-Bioimaging  ERIC, INSTRUCT, EATRIS, BBMRI, and INFRAFRONTIER. The complementary expertise and opportunities these RIs offer to both academic and industrial biomedical research will also be described. The Greek Bioimaging Community will also present its operation and initiatives at the national and international levels. EATRIS, together with these European Life Science Research Infrastructures play a central, facilitating role with ground-breaking research by offering access to their resources to researchers from academia and industry, as also demonstrated in both the Horizon 2020 CORBEL project and EOSC-Life.


  • 10:30-10:36 Life Science Research Infrastructures (Giuseppe Digilio, giuseppe.digilio@uniupo.it)
  • 10:36-10:50 Euro-BioImaging (Giuseppe Digilio, giuseppe.digilio@uniupo.it)
  • 10:50-11:04 Instruct (Jiří Nováček, jiri.novacek@ceitec.muni.cz)
  • 11:04-11:18 EATRIS (Martin de Kort, martindekort@eatris.eu)
  • 11:18-11:32 BBMRI (Francesco Florindi, francesco.florindi@bbmri-eric.eu)
  • 11:32-11:46 INFRAFRONTIER (Asrar Ali Khan, asrar.khan@infrafrontier.eu)
  • 11:46-12:00 BioImaging GR (Giannis Zacharakis, zahari@iesl.forth.gr)