EATRIS Certificate of Commitment to Quality

EATRIS member facilities can apply for the EATRIS Certificate for Commitment to Quality (ECCQ), which recognises their efforts in providing quality research. By obtaining the ECCQ, units can showcase their commitment to quality and may also be considered for EATRIS funding opportunities in their area of expertise.

To apply, simply complete a self-assessment form here. The form includes questions developed by EATRIS in collaboration with our partner EQIPD, which assess your unit’s efforts in areas such as sample reception and storage, electronic data findability and storage, and managerial and organisational structures. The submission process is flexible and can be interrupted and resumed at any time.

Once you submit your form, an EATRIS team will review your responses and provide feedback through an informal discussion. Based on this feedback, the team will make a decision regarding your unit’s certification.

At the moment, the ECCQ is in a pilot phase and is only available to facilities from all EATRIS Institutes. We are working to make it accessible to all in the near future.


EATRIS Certificate of Commitment to Quality handed over to SciLifeLab

The EATRIS Certificate of Commitment to Quality pilot launched