EATRIS Data aims to deliver a personalised medicine data strategy to benefit EATRIS users in the field of translational medicine.



EATRIS data has a vision to transform the use of data in translational medicine research. This will be achieved by improving data quality and reproducibility, promoting long term sustainability and interoperability of tools and supporting clinical validation of bioinformatic tools and algorithms.

Data needs of Platforms are strategically communicated and coordinated in alignment and support with the data strategy; alignments used as a mandate for EATRIS data related initiative involvement (e.g. European Open Science Cloud, 1+ Million Genomes, European Health Data Space, etc).

Involvement and roles of EATRIS members within initiatives mapped; Data Management practices at a national level are communicated to C&S to drive data strategy; EATRIS strengths are understood by internal and external communities.

Priorities of national nodes are supported and reflected in data related activities of EATRIS; EATRIS as a vehicle to coordinate alignment at the national and international levels; strategic involvement of EATRIS institutes as funded partners in international projects to drive the coordination between national and European work programmes.


Gary Saunders
Data Director
Coordination & support office