Gary Saunders

Role Director of Digital Transformation
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Gary Saunders is the EATRIS Director of Digital Transformation. He is responsible for leading the EATRIS data strategy over the next scientific programme (2023-26). As part of this work Gary will lead the EATRIS core data team and work with key data focussed initiatives such as the Horizon Europe Mission Areas, European Open Science Cloud, and the 1+ Million Genomes.

Gary joined EATRIS from ELIXIR where he was the Human Data Coordinator responsible for the implementation of the ELIXIR-wide strategy to enable responsible sharing of human data consented for reuse in scientific research. Previous to ELIXIR Gary was based at EMBL-EBI where he was the data manager for the European Variation Archive (EVA), and the Database of Genomics Variants Archive (DGVa). Gary has a PhD in Bioinformatics from the University of Glasgow, UK, and has a background in comparative genomics.