Publications citing EATRIS Q1 2021

EATRIS’ contribution to research findings

Here is a list of publications citing EATRIS from April to June 2021 (Q2)

Alternative strategies in cardiac preclinical research and new clinical trial formats

Authors: Kreutzer, FP;Meinecke, A;Schmidt, K;Fiedler, J;Thum, T;
Year: 2021
Journal: Cardiovascular research
DOI: 10.1093/cvr/cvab075

Synthesis and Antitrypanosomal Activity of 6-Substituted 7-Methyl-7-deazapurine Nucleosides

Authors: Perlíková, P;Krajczyk, A;Doleželová, E;Slapničková, M;Milisavljevic, N;Slavětínská, LP;Tloušt’ová, E;Gurská, S;Džubák, P;Hajdúch, M;Zíková, A;Hocek, M;
Year: 2021
Journal: ACS infectious diseases
DOI: 10.1021/acsinfecdis.1c00062

Molecular Diagnostic Tools for the Detection of SARS-CoV-2

Authors: Datta, M;Singh, DD;Naqvi, AR;
Year: 2021
Journal: International reviews of immunology
DOI: 10.1080/08830185.2020.1871477

Regulation of Fibroblast Activation Protein by Transforming Growth Factor Beta-1 in Glioblastoma Microenvironmen

Authors: Krepela, E;Vanickova, Z;Hrabal, P;Zubal, M;Chmielova, B;Balaziova, E;Vymola, P;Matrasova, I;Busek, P;Sedo, A;
Year: 2021
Journal: International journal of molecular sciences
DOI: 10.3390/ijms22031046

Polymorphisms in GNMT and DNMT3b are associated with methotrexate treatment outcome in plaque psoriasis

Authors: Grželj, J;Mlinarič-Raščan, I;Marko, PB;Marovt, M;Gmeiner, T;Šmid, A;
Year: 2021
Journal: Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie
DOI: 10.1016/j.biopha.2021.111456

The Impact of Air Pollution Exposure on the MicroRNA Machinery and Lung Cancer Development

Authors: Sima, M;Rossnerova, A;Simova, Z;Rossner, P;
Year: 2021
Journal: Journal of personalized medicine
DOI: 10.3390/jpm11010060

Optimised protocol for accurate titration of AAV vectors

Authors: Suoranta, T;Laham-Karam, N;Ylä-Herttuala, S;
Year: 2021
Journal: Human gene therapy
DOI: 10.1089/hum.2020.318

The Ablation of VEGFR-1 Signaling Promotes Pressure Overload-Induced Cardiac Dysfunction and Sudden Death

Authors: Tirronen, A;Downes, N;Huusko, J;Laakkonen, J;Tuomainen, T;Tavi, P;Hedman, M;Ylä-Herttuala, S;
Year: 2021
Journal: Biomolecules

1,2,4-Thiadiazole acyclic nucleoside phosphonates as inhibitors of cysteine dependent enzymes cathepsin K and GSK-3β

Authors: Pomeislová, A;Otmar, M;Rubešová, P;Benýšek, J;Matoušová, M;Mertlíková-Kaiserová, H;Pohl, R;Poštová Slavětínská, L;Pomeisl, K;Krečmerová, M;
Year: 2021
Journal: Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry
DOI: 10.1016/j.bmc.2021.115998

Simple new method for labelling of PSMA-11 with 68Ga in NaHCO3

Authors: Urbanová, K;Seifert, D;Vinšová, H;Vlk, M;Lebeda, O;
Year: 2021
Journal: Applied radiation and isotopes : including data, instrumentation and methods for use in agriculture, industry and medicine
DOI: 10.1016/j.apradiso.2021.109692

European Biomedical Research Infrastructures and the Fight against COVID-19 Pandemic

Authors: Tarasova, E;Makarevich, P;Efimenko, A;Kulebyakina, M;Akopyan, Z;
Year: 2021
Journal: Sovremennye tehnologii v medicine
DOI: 10.17691/stm2021.13.1.01

Whole Genome and Exome Sequencing Reference Datasets from A Multi-center and Cross-platform Benchmark Study

Authors: Zhao, Y;Fang, L;Shen, T;Choudhari, S;Talsania, K;Chen, X;Shetty, J;Kriga, Y;Tran, B;Zhu, B;Chen, Z;Chen, W;Wang, C;Jaeger, E;Meerzaman, D;Lu, C;Idler, K;Zheng, Y;Shi, L;Petitjean, V;Sultan, M;Hung, T;Peters, E;Drabek, J;Vojta, P;Maestro, R;Gasparotto, D;Kõks, S;Reimann, E;Scherer, A;Nordlund, J;Liljedahl, U;Foox, J;Mason, C;Xiao, C;Xiao, W;
Year: 2021
DOI: 10.1101/2021.02.27.433136