Participants’ feedback for our Annual Meeting 2018 in Ljubljiana, Slovenia

Published 3 September 2019

In December 2108, our annual platform meeting, offered exclusively to EATRIS members, was hosted in the beautiful city of Ljubljana, Slovenia with great success. Our theme “Multimodal approaches in Translational Medicine” was selected to reflect the multidisciplinarity of scientific and technological approaches needed to develop new tools and solutions for the advancement of Translational Research.

Over 100 participants, joining from 13 countries, had the opportunity to discuss with keynote speakers on specific topics divided into three parallel Breakout Sessions. The encouraging feedback from the post-meeting survey allows us to look to the next EATRIS annual meeting with great anticipation.


What was the main reason for attending this meeting?

70% joined for Networking opportunities

20% for the Programme

10% for Personal growth and development


Did the meeting fulfil the reason for attending?

99% responded with a yes


Were you satisfied with the themes developed at the Breakout Sessions?

92% responded with a yes

Were you satisfied with the content of the plenary sessions?

98% responded with a yes


How would you rate the meeting content?

90% would rate the content from Good to Excellent

How likely is it that you would recommend this meeting to a friend or colleague?

90% would Likely or Very likely recommend this meeting


We would like to thank all speakers and attendees for their tireless work towards the transformation of scientific breakthroughs into life-altering interventions for patients.