New publication by the EU-CardioRNA COST Action

Published 9 March 2022

Academics affiliated with EATRIS have contributed to a new publication in the journal “Methods Therapy Methods & Clinical Development” entitled “Consensus guidelines for the validation of qRT-PCR assays in clinical research by the CardioRNA consortium”. The research provides a tool for basic and clinical research for the development of validated assays in the intermediate steps of biomarker research. The guidelines are based on the current understanding and consensus within the EU-CardioRNA COST Action consortium. Congratulations to all involved.

Read the publication below and see more here.

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CardioRNA COST Action CA17129 is a collaborative pan-European network of multidisciplinary researchers, clinicians, and industrial partners aiming to accelerate the understanding of transcriptomics in cardiovascular disease (CVD) and further the translation of experimental data into usable applications to improve personalised medicine in this field.