Maria Laura García Bermejo – New National Director of EATRIS Spain

Published 21 June 2022

We are pleased to announce that EATRIS Spanish node has chosen a new National Director. Maria Laura García Bermejo is the Scientific Director at Ramón y Cajal Health Research Institute (IRYCIS) and will be the new National Director of EATRIS Spain. We would like to express our gratitude to Joan Comela for his outstanding work over the past years.

Maria Laura García Bermejo brings a wealth of experience in leadership functions on the national level as Head of the Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets Group and Core Facility. She is familiar with the EATRIS community through her continuous work as the Co-Chair of the EATRIS Biomarkers platform and collaboration on our flagship project EATRIS-Plus and incoming new ones.

Over the last 10 years, Laura has worked on the study of pathophysiological mechanisms responsible for nephropathies, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and infectious diseases, establishing new in vitro and in vivo models that reproduce the clinical context. She is currently working on the identification and clinical validation of new biomarkers and therapeutic targets based on ncRNAs, particularly miRNAs and Lnc-RNAs in different pathologies. It has generated 11 patents, already granted in Spain, Europe, Mexico, China and others in PCT extension.

Laura’s entrepreneurial profile is complemented by the FIPSE grant, the CAM Health Start program, and also the Caixa Impulse 2017 program, among others. Since 2006, when she became the Group Leader, she has been the Principal Investigator of 26 projects.

After the announcement of Laura’s new position, she expressed this “I’m honoured by the position and looking forward to both the challenges and accomplishments ahead. It is a privilege to work with the people that make EATRIS Spain the cutting-edge and resilient node it is today. The final goal will always be to help patients better and more efficiently and I feel this can be best accomplished through hearing the patient’s voice and enhancing the collaboration within and between all five platforms at the Spanish institutes.” 

We are thrilled to have Laura’s expertise and are looking forward to supporting her vision for EATRIS Spain.

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