EATRIS joins the EU Health Coalition

Published 17 March 2021

Over the last decades, Europe has made huge advances in health. Nowadays, European Union (EU) citizens can expect to live up to 30 years longer than they did a century ago. At the same time, access to innovative medical and digital technologies is not optimal nor harmonised across EU countries. The EU Health Coalition and EATRIS stand for everyone’s accessibility to health innovation and efficient health research.

Since the beginning of its journey in 2018, the EU Health Coalition has grown to welcome 40 partners representing the range of stakeholders needed to deliver health innovation: research infrastructures (BBMRI), patients organisations (EPF), industry (EFPIA, EUCOPE), funders (Wellcome Trust) among many others. It has organised the EU Health Summits in 2018 and 2020 which supported health and research policy debates in Europe, and regularly publishes recommendations to promote a shared vision of health in Europe. Most recently, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Coalition published a set of 10 recommendations on how the EU could lead in areas such as healthcare systems, policies for health, research and innovation, and health data and digital health. One of these 10 recommendations is to ensure greater flexibility to support translational research.

EATRIS has recently joined the EU Health Coalition as its 41st partner. EATRIS shares a common vision with the EU Health Coalition: to accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries into the best benefits for patients; the need for multi-stakeholder engagement and cross-sectoral collaboration is of the utmost importance. By joining the EU Health Coalition and actively supporting its future advocacy actions, EATRIS aims to constructively contribute to the shaping of health and research policies and to help ensure health research remains a top priority in Europe.

For more information on the EU Health Coalition, please visit the Coalition’s website or get in touch with Anne-Charlotte Fauvel, EATRIS Head of European Affairs.