Turku PET Centre

Address P.O. Box 52, 20521
Turku, Finland
Visiting address:
c/o Turku University Hospital, Building 14, Kiinamyllynkatu 4-8
20520 Turku, Finland
Platforms Imaging & Tracing

Turku PET Centre is a Finnish National Research Institute for the use of short-lived positron emitting isotopes in the field of medical research. The Centre was established in 1970s and it got National status in 1996.

The core functions of Turku PET Centre are based on the agreement between University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University and Turku University Hospital. All facilities are located in the University campus and next to hospital clinics. The centre consists of Accelerator Laboratory, Radiopharmaceutical chemistry laboratory, Preclinical imaging laboratory and PET imaging facility. The facilities utilize 4 cyclotrons, 19 hot cells for GMP and non-GMP tracer production, 2 PET/CT scanners, 1 brain PET scanner (HRRT), PET/MRI (3.0T), 1 animal PET/CT scanner and digital ultrasound systems. A new human PET/CT system is under purchase process.

Currently, the centre employs nearly 200 staff members and investigators of various research fields. Studies are carried out by multidisciplinary teams of basic scientists, dedicated physicists and radiochemists, experienced clinical investigators and other professionals.

Turku PET Centre has two major functions, high quality scientific research and diagnostic service for the whole country. The scientific research strategy of Turku PET Centre involves five major topics: Cardiovascular and metabolic research, Brain research, Cancer research, Preclinical imaging and drug research and Radiochemistry research. Collaboration between academia and Pharma industry is active. In EATRIS consortium, Turku PET Centre belongs to Imaging and Tracing platform and focuses on the set-up of GMP level syntheses (for human imaging) of PET tracers that have been earlier used only in preclinical studies. All other services are also available.