Nuclear Physics Institute of the CAS

Address Husinec-Řež 130,
250 68,
Řež, Czech Republic
Platforms Imaging & Tracing

Nuclear Physics Institute of the CAS is a public research institution that conducts research in a broad field of nuclear physics, both experimental as well as theoretical, and in the applied nuclear science.

The properties of nuclear matter under the heavy ion collisions at high and intermediate energies, nuclear reactions important for astrophysics or nuclear energetics, beta decays of atomic nuclei  including the problem of neutrino masses are especially studied. The nuclear theory is oriented to nuclear structure, hypernuclei, interactions of elementary particles with nuclei, mesonic degrees of freedom in nuclei. Selected problems of theoretical subnuclear physics and mathematical physics are studied. Neutron scattering is used mainly in the solid state physics and material research. A large complex of nuclear analytical methods based on charged particles and neutrons beams is used in interdisciplinary research in collaboration with external specialists in chemistry, ecology, medicine, archaeology etc.

The dosimetry of ionizing radiation is oriented to the measurements of  environmental and professional expositions, metrology, and biophysical aspects as DNA radiation damages. The research and development of radiopharmaceuticals labelled with novel medical radionuclides both diagnostics and therapy are performed at the Institute. Special attention is paid to automation of the medical radionuclides production and labelling methods, as well as to basic production data measurement and quality control methods. The physics for perspective methods of nuclear energetics like accelerator driven transmutation of nuclear waste is studied.