Institute of Biomedicine of Seville (IBiS)

Address Avda. Manuel Siurot s/n
IBiS Building, 41013 Seville
Platforms ATMP & Biological, Biomarkers, Imaging & Tracing, Vaccines

IBIS is a multidisciplinary biomedical research center, with the aim to undertake high quality and competitive research at international level on the most prevalent diseases and the development of new methods of diagnosis and treatment.

IBIS is based on fundamental research at the molecular and cellular level with a view to promote the rapid transfer of knowledge to the clinical setting, at the same time improving the quality of clinical and epidemiological research. It is focused on most prevalent diseases and organized in 4 research areas: Neurosciences, Cardiovascular & Respiratory pathology, Oncohematology & Genetics, and Infectious diseases & Immune system.