Wageningen Bioveterinary Research

Address P.O. Box 65
8200 AB Lelystad
The Netherlands
Platforms Vaccines

Wageningen Bioveterinary Research contributes to the prevention, eradication and control of animal infectious diseases, including zoönoses, through research, diagnostics and consultancy. By doing so, we help to guarantee international trade and to preserve the international top position of the Dutch livestock industry. Furthermore, we offer high quality routine analyses and provide innovative solutions to veterinary and biomedical research questions.

Innovative tailor made solutions for complex biomedical and veterinary challenges

We offer bioveterinary research on health and (infectious) diseases e.g. in preclinical and clinical studies, animal models, epidemiology and risk management. The results of this research and analyses have been utilized to support dossiers submitted to regulatory authorities in Europe and the US.
Our expertise is continuously expanding by ongoing research projects for private and public stakeholders on topics such as antibiotic resistance, vaccine development, gut health and vector borne diseases. For this, we use our unique animal facilities that house livestock individually or in groups up to human Biosafety Level 3 and veterinary Biosafety Level 4.