GHU Pitié Salpétrière – Paris Brain Institute

Address GHU Pitié Salpétrière - Paris Brain Institute
47, bd de l'hôpital
75013 PARIS – France
Platforms Biomarkers, Imaging & Tracing, Small Molecules
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The IHU-A-ICM is an internationally recognized center for research, training and healthcare in the field of diseases of the nervous system: Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and psychiatric diseases.

It is dedicated to understanding the mechanisms of these diseases and to the development of diagnostics tools, prevention and treatment. It is an infrastructure for translational research including imaging and electrophysiology platforms, a center for data processing and biostatistics, two modeling centers (animal and cellular models, molecular screening) as well as a clinical investigation center (CIC).

The Institute relies on advances in the understanding of the mechanisms of neuronal death in neurodegenerative diseases, predictive biomarkers and mechanisms of neuroprotection as well as in understanding the repair of nerve tissue, determinism and triggering of epileptic seizures and brain mechanisms of mood and motivation disorders. Each issue is addressed through a disease model, then applied to other diseases of the nervous system.

Created by the University Pierre et Marie Curie – Paris 6 (UPMC- P6), INSERM, CHU Pitié -Salpêtrière (Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris), the CNRS, the Brain and Spine Institute (ICM) and the Foundation for Research on Alzheimer’s disease, it brings together about 500 researchers / clinicians, engineers / technicians, administrative staff and logistics, post-docs and PhD students, most of whom work at the research center of Brain and Spine Institute (ICM).

This institute is part of NeurATRIS, the French part of EATRIS.