Aveiro Institute of Biomedicine (iBiMED)

Address University of Aveiro,
3810 – 193
Aveiro, Portugal
Platforms Biomarkers

The Aveiro Institute of Biomedicine – iBiMED was created in 2014 to implement a Health Sciences Program capable of improving the quality of life and health care provision through biomedical and clinical research and advanced training.

The iBiMED is organised on the basis of scientific questions rather than research lines, divisions or groups. Open space laboratories, meeting rooms and regular seminars, workshops and journal clubs are organised to promote exchange of ideas, share research materials and produce effective collaborations. There is a new working culture where project, masters, PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and independent scientists are trained to discuss ideas and working hypothesis openly.

iBiMED researchers are making important contributions to understand Lewy bodies dementia, Parkinson´s, Alzheimer´s, immunological, genetic and infectious diseases, antibiotic resistance, the benefits of physical exercise on cardiovascular diseases, the relevance of protocoled exercise-related interventions during hospitalisation and the effects of family participation during pulmonary rehabilitation processes.