Date & Time 8 December 2022
Location Brussels, Belgium

The European Health Summit is an annual event organised by the European Business Summits. The focus is on bringing together businesses, policymakers, and academia to debate the key healthcare issues in Europe and beyond.

This year’s summit will touch on topics such as:

  • How can the European health data space legistation become the enabler of improved healthcare services?
  • How can we revitalise the antibiotic pipeline?
  • The power of cross industry collaboration for digital acceleration, innocation adn global health
  • Why investing in the integration of health and the environment is critical for pandemic prevention, preparedness and response?
  • And much more

See the summit programming here.


Additionally, the European Health Summit will be part of the Rare Disease Moonshot launching at a panel session (14:00 CET), where Anton Ussi (Operations and Finance Director at EATRIS) will be speaking . This initiative aims to scale-up public-private partnerships to boost research and development into rare and paediatric diseases. The Moonshot coalition will work together to pool resources, reduce fragmentation in care and foster greater collaboration between experts. The Rare Disease Moonshot is also a response to the European Commission’s call to address unmet medical needs – and the belief that the science and translational capability gap in rare diseases cannot be addressed by one party or even one sector alone, nor can it be optimally served by a “patchwork” of unrelated initiatives.

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