Date & Time 1 December 2016
Address De Flint
Coninckstraat 60
3811 WK Amersfoort
The Netherlands
Location De Flint, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Towards a single comprehensive National Infrastructure for Personalized Medicine & Health Research in the Netherlands

Clinical data in all its forms – patient histories, biomarker measurements, genetic profiles, medical images, biobanks – are key to understanding the etiology of diseases and finding new ways to treat or prevent these. The more data you have, the higher their quality and the better it is organized and interconnected, the greater the chances of success. In the new era of personalized medicine, this is a must.

So whatever your interest in bringing basic science closer to patient care or disease prevention – whether it’s biomedical science, social science, clinical practice, epidemiology, patient representation, informatics, data protection, ethics or a related discipline – this year’s one-day Health-RI conference in Amersfoort is a unique opportunity to discuss developments in the creation of a single Dutch National Infrastructure for interdisciplinary data integration and data sharing in Personalized Medicine & Health research.

And don’t just come to listen. As an expert in your field, we also need your input. So please take full advantage of the Q&A slots/opportunities/sessions, lunch/coffee breaks and poster sessions to discuss your ideas and needs related to personalized medicine & health research infrastructure so that together we can make the Health-RI vision reality.

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