MAQC Society’s 2022 SEQC2 Webinar Series – X-CNV: genome-wide prediction of the pathogenicity of copy number variations

Date & Time 22 March 2022 at 17:00-18:00 CET
Location Virtual

The MAQC Society is pleased to announce a new series of SEQC2 (Sequencing and Quality Control Phase 2) Webinars addressing the many challenges of analysis of massive datasets that come from Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS).  This year, in 2022, MAQC offers a new webinar series on diverse topics related to NGS:  copy-number pathogenicity, structural variation detection, use of internal standards and synthetic controls for variant detection, formalin-fixation impacts, and general reproducibility challenges.

On 22 March the webinar is titled: “X-CNV: Genome-wide prediction of the pathogenicity of copy number variations”. The speaker is Dr. Zhichao Liu, Ph. D, Artificial Intelligence Research Force (AIRForce) Technical Leader at Division of Bioinformatics & Biostatistics, FDA/NCTR. Dr. Liu’s background spans the fields of chemistry, biology, and computer science. He led many cutting-edge projects in the past decade by designing, implementing, and deploying AI/machine learning solutions for advanced regulatory sciences. Specifically, Dr. Liu unleased the AI/machine learning solutions for improving the pathogenicity prediction of complex genetic variants, promoting predictive toxicology and facilitating precision medicine applications. His accomplishment was reflected by 5 FDA-wide Awards, 9 NCTR level Awards, 2 Scientific community level awards, and more than 80 peer-reviewed publications.

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