Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (CNC)

Address Rua Larga Faculty of Medicine, Pólo I, 1st floor
Coimbra, Portugal
Platforms ATMP & Biological, Biomarkers

CNC is a transdisciplinary R&D institution affiliated with the University of Coimbra (UC) devoted to Biomedicine and Biotechnology, with a strong focus on the (age-related) degenerative processes and associated mechanisms of protection and regeneration, along with the development of advanced therapeutic strategies and platforms. It brings together researchers from the UC-faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy and Life and Natural Sciences, as well as clinicians from the Coimbra University Hospitals (CHUC) and key collaborators from the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

CNC hosts a core facility for viral vector engineering and production directed to gene transfer biomedical applications. The facility operates in synergy with the UC-CHUC biobank for the development of biomarkers. CNC is also founding partner of the biotechnological park BIOCANT, thus featuring a strategic advantage in knowledge and technology transfer and providing a rich environment for fundamental research to be translated into clinical and/or marketable applications.