Testimonial Oncodesign

Testimonial Oncodesign

‘At Oncodesign we apply a “Probe based Drug Discovery Process” that starts from our proprietary Nanocyclix® medicinal chemical platform that generates small macrocycles with outstanding selectivity and potency against unexplored kinases. It led us to recently identify inhibitors of a kinase regulating Tau phosphorylation. Tau protein is involved in neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease (AD), a scientific field in which we have limited expertise.

We thus turned to EATRIS for their support. EATRIS put us in contact with Prof. Dr. Philip Scheltens, one of the leading clinical experts in AD, who helped us to understand the clinical relevance of our project. EATRIS subsequently used its network in academic and private institutions to identify scientific experts with models relevant for our target and we are now closely collaborating with them.

The benefit of EATRIS is that they provide access to a large infrastructure, and as a consequence can support the complete development track, from in vitro screening, all the way to clinical proof of concept studies. For each step, they can identify the right expert and centre. Moreover, we found the EATRIS staff to be extremely knowledgeable and professional.

The speed of the matchmaking and the scientific quality of the responses we received was beyond our expectations.’

Josselin Caradec
Discovery Program Director