TransmedAcademy, powered by EATRIS, is offering both online and face-to face training activities on Translational medicine to anyone interested!

We have developed a series of webinars on Neuroimaging and we are planning to expand our catalogue soon. We are also building our own E-learning platform for you to enable you to access our free online course(s).



EATRIS and NEURATRIS have joined forces in organizing a series of webinars on Neuroimaging in November, covering the usage of CEST-MRI, optical  imaging, PET and Ultrahigh Field MRI in neurodegenerative diseases and their potential application in translational medicine. 


Please view the recordings of these sessions down below .

TMex Winterschool

Complementary to our online training catalogue, we also offer a special ‘Translational Medicine Explained’ Winterschool, in short TMex.

The TMex Winterschool consists of an introductory e‑learning (~12 hours student investment time) followed by a 5-day face-to-face workshop. The course is intended for PhD students in the second half of their PhD and early postdocs who are involved in biomedical research wanting to learn more about Translational Research and Medicine development. The TMex Winterschool  builds on the experience of the C-COMEND and ENLIGHT-TEN courses on translational research and medicine development which in 2016,  2017 & 2018 delivered three highly valued courses.


Additional information on the course can be found here. In case of questions, please send your email to

Discover our interactive map "the Landscape of Translational Medicine"

Discover our interactive map "the Landscape of Translational Medicine"

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