Collaborations with Academia

Especially in Pharma, collaboration is the cornerstone of innovation. Development of novel findings into meaningful products is not an easy task and requires many disciplines. It can be challenging to define next steps and to identify trustworthy partners to support these next steps. In many cases, involving the right expert at the right time can save time and money. But how do you select your collaborators? Where do you find the expertise you need at a specific point in time?

Regardless of the complexity of the research question, we can find the partners you need to answer it. With our one-stop matchmaking process, the facilities and expertise of more than over 100+ top-notch medical research facilities is at your fingertips.
If your study questions are already well defined, we will quickly source the best partners. Should you need support in creating the study plan first, our Key Opinion Leaders are available to help before the matchmaking takes place.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at no risk. We offer our matchmaking services on no-cure-no-pay basis. And we will guide you through the entire process, from project exploration up to the moment you reach a project agreement with our sites.

CASE STUDY: Expanding indication

An innovative French company with a focus on oncology found a target that they believed had therapeutic potential in neurodegeneration. Lacking the in-house expertise and tools they turned EATRIS. They were quickly able to learn from a world-renowned clinical expert on the expected relevance of the target, and subsequently the EATRIS team helped them to find relevant in vitro and in vivo models to test their lead compound.  The result is a multi-national public-private collaboration with an EATRIS institution in the Netherlands, to advance the compound in a pre-clinical setting.


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