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EATRIS offers a range of services to academic investigators, in order to strengthen the translational potential and impact of their research proposals on patients. EATRIS provides such support services in the context of any national, European or international collaboration.
Please note that EATRIS does not fund research projects.

For more information get in touch with Anne-Charlotte Fauvel.


EATRIS helps you save time in your proposal preparation and find the right European academic partner for your consortium thanks to a comprehensive database of the high-end capabilities and expertise of 100 member institutions across 13 countries.
This service is offered free of charge to any party (EATRIS members and non-members).
If you are a member of the infrastructure, EATRIS can also support you to identify companies, charities or patient organisations for your consortium.

The following criteria apply:

  • The scope of the proposal idea must be translational;
  • The PI is looking for areas of expertise and/or facilities that are crucial for project implementation.

How can you benefit from EATRIS support for consortium building?

To benefit from this service, please fill in this form and send it back to Anne-Charlotte Fauvel. Our team will provide you with a report listing the potential matches among EATRIS members within a few business days. It is the investigator’s responsibility to then liaise with the EATRIS institution or organisation of interest.

Involving EATRIS as partner in your proposal

EATRIS may participate in research funding proposals as beneficiary or subcontractor providing services that aim to accelerate the translation of research into benefits for patients.

These services include: innovation management, regulatory support, Health Technology Assessment, and may be delivered in close collaboration with EATRIS member institutions.

For this level of participation, the following criteria apply:

  • Proposals must meet criteria listed above for letters of support;
  • Feasibility of the work plan based on resources available;
  • EATRIS participation would clearly add value to the consortium and the proposal is consistent with EATRIS project portfolio;
  • At least one EATRIS member institution participates in the proposal as partner or could participate as linked third party of EATRIS;
  • The consortium is looking for regulatory expertise, HTA support, sustainability planning, industry partnering, access to training opportunities;
  • Innovation management

Activities can include: design of the dissemination and exploitation plan of the project; definition and implementation of a monitoring plan to capture intellectual property protection needs in a timely fashion; identification of industry partnering opportunities for co-development and/or out-licensing; follow-up financing opportunities.

  • Translational optimisation

Activities can include: monitoring of the project to ascertain a timely evaluation of the translational potential of the results generated during the project; full translational assessment to define follow-up validation route; early Health Technology Assessment (HTA) support.

  • Regulatory support

EATRIS will leverage expertise from EATRIS affiliated institutions and perform dedicated task or work package providing regulatory support by:

  • Assessing the project’s regulatory strategy and feasibility;
  • Interacting with the relevant regulatory authorities;
  • Answering any regulatory question arising during the project’s lifetime;
  • Ensuring the project fulfils all regulatory requirements.
  • EATRIS Training opportunities

EATRIS can provide in-person workshops, tailor-made to the needs of your project. Main topics usually include: how to assess the translational potential of your project, how to develop collaboration with industry or an introduction to translational medicine (particularly relevant for PhD students and postdocs). For more information, we invite you to download our workshops leaflet.

EATRIS also offers open access to an e-learning environment dedicated to translational research: TransMed Academy.

Leading flagship projects

EATRIS may take a leading role in supporting the development and management of proposals coming from EATRIS member institutes. To be eligible for such support, the proposal has to be aligned with EATRIS Strategic Plan 2019-22.

You can contact Anne-Charlotte Fauvel (+31 (0)6 50 12 98 94) for further information about EATRIS services or funding opportunities.

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