Cyril Poupon

Role Chair
Organisation Neurospin, Frédéric Joliot Life Sciences Institute.
Country France
Organisations Imaging & tracing platform

After obtaining a Masters and Engineer Diploma in Signal and Image Processing from the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon, Cyril Poupon completed a PhD in Biomedical imaging at Telecom ParisTech and Frédéric Joliot Hospital Service (CEA, Orsay). His research was focused on the development of one of the first methods to map in vivo the structural connectivity of the human brain from diffusion-weighted MRI data, contributing to better understand the human brain connectome.

After a period of three years working for General Electric HealthCare (2000-2002) as a research engineer, Cyril Poupon was hired by the CEA in 2002 as a MR physicist and moved to Neurospin in 2007 where he successively held a position of MR physicist in the laboratory of MRI and Spectroscopy, and the position of Expert in Image Processing in the laboratory of Image Analysis.

In 2010, Cyril Poupon took the position of Director of the laboratory of MRI and Spectroscopy of Neurospin, co-leading the two following transverse research programs: “Pushing the limits of MRI” targeting the development with his team of ultra-high field imaging methods and “Multiscale Human Brain Architecture” modeling the human brain at various scales, and developing, in particular, methods to map the human brain structural connectome and tissue microstructure. Since 2017, he has become the Deputy Director of Neurospin in charge of the MRI platform.