Postdoctoral researcher at University of Leon

Workplace University of Leon
Closing date
Location Institute of Molecular Biology at the University of Leon
Hours Enquire for more details

The University of Leon is looking for a postdoctoral researcher with research and training interests in health and experimental sciences.

Project title: Study of the HVEM / CD160 / BTLA / LIGHT interaction pathway in the immunotherapy of hematopoietic tumors in preclinical mouse models.

Funding Agency: Regional Government of Castile and León.

Duration: 2 years, renewable annually.
Gross salary: 40,000 euros per year.
Incorporation deadline: 01 June 2021.
a) Having published some articles in high-impact journals during his/her predoctoral stage.
b) Have an academic record with an average grade equal to or greater than 2 points, calculated over 4.
c) Two letters of recommendation from the supervisor / s of the thesis or supervisors of postdoctoral stays.
d) Certificate and accreditation of competencies to work with laboratory animals (rodents).
e) Experience in immunology, cell cultures, flow cytometry and animal models of disease.

Potential candidates send CV to the following contact address:

Publications link research group:

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