NCBio ERA Chair holder

Workplace Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde
Date 05 February 2021
Location Porto, Portugal
Hours Full-time

i3S is still lacking a strong research group on Neural Cell Biology, to unlock the full potential of the research groups of the Programme of Neurobiology and Neurologic Disorders (PN&ND). The main objective of NCBio ERA Chair is to recruit and retain an ERA Chair Holder, i.e. an experienced researcher, in the field of Neural Cell Biology. Along with the ERA Chair Holder, their scientific team will join i3S and establish a new research group in the field of Neural Cell Biology (“NCBio group”).

As a highly relevant contributor to advance the i3S strategy on Neural Cell Biology, NCBio will offer the conditions for the ERA Chair Holder and Team to thrive:


  • 5-year contract as Research Coordinator, research equivalent to Full Professor, with an internationally competitive salary;
  • Relocation expenses, along with support concerning housing, legal/immigration issues, spouse’s employment, kindergarten/schooling, etc;
  • 250 thousand euros in seed money in the first year of operation for the group’s research activities and to cover initial operational costs;
  • Total scientific freedom including the selection of a research team (four additional researchers – 2 at the Associate Professor level, 1 Postdoctoral Fellow, 1 Technician) paid directly by the NCBio project throughout its course;

At i3S, a dynamic institution with a rich ecosystem, the ERA Chair Holder will find every condition to thrive as an individual, as a team leader and as a key contributor to breakthroughs in the field of Neural Cell Biology and, overall, to a large scientific structure ever in pursuit of excellence.


Application opening/announcement: 1st February
Application deadline (preliminary): 31st May 2021
Results: no later than 31st July 2021
Estimated start date: September 2021

For further information, please see the i3S page here. Application form is open here.


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