Charles University Prague

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12108, Prague 2
Czech Republic
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First Faculty of Medicine, having been an integral part of the Charles University in Prague since its foundation in 1348, is the oldest medical faculty in Central Europe and the largest medical faculty in the Czech Republic. More than 5.000 students from 50 countries have been studying at the Faculty, 1.000 of them are students studying in PhD programs. First Faculty of Medicine is the top center of medical and biomedical research in Czech Republic, it ranks among 10 best scientific most efficient institutions in our country.

Scientific work of our Faculty benefits from strong connections of theoretical and clinical institutions as well as from international co-operation in the scope of European Union and beyond. The main fields of research are: oncology, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, neurosciences, neonatology and perinatology, and inherited metabolic disorders.


Unique capabilities:

Biotechnology and Biomedicine Center

Center for Advanced Preclinical Imaging

Laboratory of Cancer Cell Biology