Accelerating the translation of biomedical discoveries into patient benefit


EATRIS is the European infrastructure for translational medicine. We bring together resources and services for research communities to translate scientific discoveries into benefit for patients.

Research and development in the biomedical field is costly, takes a long time and it often fails before reaching the ones who need treatments the most. EATRIS was founded by several European countries in the early 2000’s with the objective of innovating in the research and development process utilising the translational medicine approach. Translational medicine is a highly interdisciplinary biomedical field whose aim is to “translate” laboratory and clinical observations and discoveries into new tools and interventions by using a highly collaborative approach.

EATRIS is currently supported by 14 European countries and as a European research infrastructure, helps researchers from academia and industry access the expertise and technologies available within our 144+ research institutes that they need to bring their research closer to the patients. We particularly focus our work on improving the preclinical (the development stages before testing in humans) and early clinical (human testing phases) development of drugs, vaccines and diagnostics.

We also train the next generation of scientists at being better translational researchers, and advocate for an enabling, collaborative and inclusive innovation ecosystem and culture of “translation”, involving all stakeholders and in particular patient representatives.

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