Webinar – How Optical imaging tools can be used for brain cells

Date & Time November 20th, 2018
Location Online (GotoWebinar)

Microscopy for neuroscience

– Webinar powered by EATRIS and NEURATRIS

In this webinar, Basile Gourchenkov will address how to choose the most suitable type of microscope for your  research in the field of the neuroscience: from subcellular level to the entire brain. He will share his insights about multiphotonic, light-sheet, confocal, transmission electron microscopes and spinning disks. 



Basile GURCHENKOV holds a PhD in Developmental Biology (UPMC). He then worked a research engineer at the CNRS, Institut Curie. He coordinated the Imaging Center of the IGBMC. He is now the operational manager of the icm.Quant core facility. He has solid expertise in bioimaging applied to 3D cellular and developmental biology models.


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This webinar is part of a series of 4 neuroimaging webinars jointly powered by EATRIS and NEURATRIS, covering the usage of CEST-MRI, optical  imaging, PET and Ultrahigh Field MRI in neurodegenerative diseases and their potential application in translational medicine. For more information, please visit:  https://eatris.eu/insights/neuroimaging-webinar-series-in-november/


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