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NeuroFrance 2019

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Address Rond Point du Prado, 13008
Palais des Congrès Marseille Chanot
Location Marseille, France

New developments in epilepsy research: investigating neuronal networks in rodents and humans

As part of NeuroFrance 2019, the Society of Neuroscience is organizing a translational neuroscience research workshop on the theme of epilepsy on May 21, 2019 at the INMED. This workshop, coordinated by Prof Fabrice Bartolomei and Dr. Represa has as main objectives:

  • to present in a didactic way the state of the art on a current topic in neuroscience,
  • to encourage interactions between young doctors and young researchers from different fields.

Epilepsy is the second neurological pathology in France, after Alzheimer’s disease, with nearly 600,000 patients. Many forms of epilepsy have been identified that have different etiologies and severities. Clinical manifestations of epilepsy may be considered as a consequence of pathologies of network dynamics and functional connectivity that may involve abnormal networks. Thanks to recent scientific progress, the identification of specific epilepsy networks, the analysis of their properties and their regulations is now progressing, opening up important therapeutic perspectives. The specific objective of this workshop is to provide a comprehensive view of the activity of neural epileptogenic networks, through experimental approaches, in animals, and studies in patients. The workshop will take place at the INMED, Luminy campus in Marseille (France) on May 21, 2019.

Neuroscientific activities for the public

During the meeting, a large inflatable brain will be installed at the entrance of the Congress Center. Researchers from the Centre de Résonance Magnétique Biologique et Médicale and PhD students from Aix-Marseille University will be present to propose documents and animations accessible to the general public, to explain the impact of neuroscience research on society and public health and to answer questions about the mysteries of the brain.
They will also present the research professions and the functioning of public research laboratories. Would you like to take advantage of NeuroFrance 2019 to cultivate your network and circulate your CV?
Then come with a dream CV and be ready for an impromptu interview! On the eve of the meeting, NeuroSchool offers you a free workshop to showcase your skills, both in writing and orally.
Neuroschool is a graduate school dedicated to students in Neuroscience of Marseille and is committed to supporting and opening students to the professional world.

  • Workshops for writing/correcting CVs, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters

Experts will carefully review CVs written in French or English and offer personalized support to optimize your CV.

  • Job interview simulations

A simulation to learn more about the expectations of companies and your ability to understand this crucial exercise.

  • Professional photos

A photographer will take professional photos, now essential on your CV and professional online profiles, or for announcing your participation in a scientific event.

Registration is free but compulsory: register here!


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