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European Patients’ Forum Congress

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Date & Time November 12-14, 2019
Address Rue Gineste 3, 1210
Crowne Plaza, Place Rogier
Location Brussels, Belgium

The European Patients’ Forum has been representing patients’ voices in a united and influential way over the past 15 years to drive better health in Europe. With 72 members, it represents the interests of an estimated 150 million people with chronic diseases. We are the collective influential patient voice on European health and related policies and a driving force to advance patient empowerment and equitable patient access to care in Europe.

This event will provide an exceptional opportunity for dialogue, engagement with a wide range of health players who aspire to make patient involvement a reality. Together, we will explore why this will lead to better outcomes for patients and society, and how we can achieve this in practice across the European Union.

A high-level advisory board composed of 9 experts from the NGO, governmental, academic and healthcare industry sectors are assisting EPF with strategic advice to ensure the lasting impact of the event. These ambassadors, with their diverse and rich backgrounds, will help tell the story of why patient involvement is a strategic imperative for all health stakeholders and how we can progress on this more effectively.

This Congress is dedicated to exchanging ideas and good practice in patient empowerment and involvement, moving forward on the much-needed policy commitments in this area, gaining a greater and genuine understanding of the wealth of experiential knowledge and expertise that patients bring to health systems’ design and strengthening, and much more. It is aimed at a wide audience of patient representatives, policy makers, health systems experts, healthcare profession representatives, academics, regulatory and HTA experts, health insurance providers and industry representatives, from Europe and beyond. This diversity will ensure a rich and dynamic discourse and exchange of ideas.

Join us for three days of learning, exploring, testing ideas and co-creating solutions. You can either view the full agenda here or register on this link.


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