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2019 World Science Forum: Science, Ethics and Responsibility

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Date & Time November 20-23, 2019
Address Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Széchenyi István tér 9, 1051
Budapest, Hungary
Location Budapest, Hungary

General description

In the 21st century, ways of separating the scientific method from values, beliefs and opinions are no longer self-evident, and the complex realities of science call for a greater consensus in the ethical principles of scientific research. High expectations for direct economic and social returns also bring new responsibilities regarding the evaluation of scientific performance and the value of scientific research. In this new era, finding new channels to the minds and the hearts of the general public might prove to be the greatest challenge for science communicators.

4 days of intense discussions will also provide an opportunity for scientists, policy-makers, society, industry, and science communicators to be challenged from an ethical standpoint in the plenary sessions and allow for more technical debates over issues of science in thematic sessions. As an addition to the traditional programme the flow of plenary sessions will be completed by keynote lectures by eminent scientists focusing on recent and inspiring discoveries and new approaches that will be or are already shaping our future.

EATRIS participation

EATRIS has co-organised the following thematic session in collaboration with UNESCO and the International Science Council (ISC): OPEN SCIENCE – THE FUTURE OF SCIENCE AND SCIENCE FOR THE FUTURE.

Toni Andreu, EATRIS Scientific Director, will join the panel discussion on November 21 at 17.00 alongside high level representatives from the European Commission, the ISC, UNESCO and the Center for Open Science to discuss Open Data and its implications for reproducibility in science.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Budapest.

You can find more information here.


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