15th Annual Personalized Medicine Conference

Date & Time November 13 – 14, 2019
Address HMS New Research Building
77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, 02115
Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School

Location Boston, Massachusetts

Personalized medicine is an evolving field in which physicians use diagnostic tests to determine which medical treatments will work best for each patient. By combining the data from those molecular diagnostic tests with an individual’s medical history, circumstances and values, health care providers can develop targeted prevention and treatment plans.

The 15th Annual Personalized Medicine Conference at Harvard Medical School will explore the science, business, and policy issues facing personalized medicine as scientists refine their understanding of how groundbreaking molecular diagnostics augmented by artificial intelligence, advanced data analytics, and digital health applications can empower both physicians and patients with information about how an expanded set of biological characteristics — including those found in the proteome and microbiome — may influence their health and their responses to increasingly impactful therapies.

Toni Andreu, Scientific Director of EATRIS, will moderate a panel discussion regarding the Governmental efforts to advance personalized medicine around the world. Global leaders are working to accelerate an era of personalized medicine around the world by encouraging innovation, modernising policies, and reforming health systems to speed the clinical adoption of personalized medicine products and services. During this panel discussion, four governmental representatives will share their visions for the future of personalized medicine and elaborate on their efforts to accelerate progress in the field.

You can see the list of speakers here or view the full agenda in this link.

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