EATRIS circulars

In EATRIS we have two main circulars: the EATRIS Monthly and Translational Trends. EATRIS Monthly is sent out at the end of each month and the internal circular contains the latest developments, news, events, research services, open calls and activities from the EATRIS community. The Translational Trends is a quarterly newsletter that we distribute in January, April, July and October of every year. It contains the latest updates and activities in translational medicine from the EATRIS community and beyond.

The EATRIS Monthly is for our internal stakeholders i.e our platform members (ATMP, Biomarkers, Imaging & Tracing, Small Molecules and Vaccines, Inflammation & Immune Monitoring) and member institutes. We have opened this internal resource up for a wider audience and you have a chance to join in on the insights. By filling out the below form, you consent to receiving the EATRIS Monthly in your mailbox. We will not use your information for other purposes nor share it with third parties. See EATRIS Privacy Policy here. You can easily unsubscribe by using the link at the bottom of the update issue.


Translational Trends is sent out quarterly in January, April, July and October. This is a great overview of the latest in Translational Medicine with a focus on EATRIS activities. This is open for everyone to sign up. We will store your email only for distributing the Translational Trends. If you sign up, you will agree to receive the Translational Trends. See EATRIS Privacy Policy here. Unsubscribing is easy via the link at the bottom of the issue. Sign up below!



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