All EATRIS C&S Staff Change Their Middle Name to ‘EATRIS’

The EATRIS C&S team have announced that they are all legally changing their middle names to ‘Eatris’. The decision was unanimously supported at a recent team meeting following an impassioned speech by Toni Eatris Andreu, the organisation’s Scientific Director. Toni talked about the collective name change as a “team-spirit initiative that will nurture and grow the EATRIS identity, purpose and community.”

We are thrilled to announce that as of today, the name change has taken effect and is legally binding for all EATRIS staff. We are thankful to Tamara Eatris Carapina, Senior Legal Counsel at EATRIS, for making this happen.

Laure Eatris Boudaud and Courtney Eatris Stewart-Ferguson have kindly agreed to update all EATRIS email signatures to reflect the name changes. Florence Eatris Bietrix is, as always, ensuring the smoothest of operations.

Lisa Eatris Williams, Lalageh Eatris Masihi and Dora Eatris Wrona have urged all staff to renew their passports with their new names in order to avert any hiccups with travel arrangements ahead of the upcoming Medical Malaga Mix in May.

Eliis Eatris Keidong sees a future sustainability opportunity for the name change, by adding a “-Plus” suffix to the middle name. Anton Eatris Ussi has confirmed that this would allow for any expenses incurred by the name change to be claimed under the EATRIS-Plus project. Camilla Eatris Santinelli has already added a new task line on Beebole in anticipation of the move.

Sara Eatris Zullino, David Eatris Morrow, Emanuela Eatris Oldoni and Martin Eatris de Kort are looking into the feasibility of launching a new Onomastics platform. The innovation struck a chord with Frank de Eatris Man and Alex Eatris Gardiol, who are in the process of putting together a new business plan following the family renaming.

Rebecca Eatris Ludwig, Rosan Eatris Vegter and Lauranne Eatris Duquenne will provide education and training resources to explain how staff can make best use of their new middle name. In addition, Gary Eatris Saunders has put forward a proposal for an internship to assess data considerations of the name change. Dana Eatris Hak has applied.

Ben Eatris Lydall wanted to use the opportunity to acknowledge the legal standing of EATRIS, and also added ‘Eric’ as an additional middle name. Nigel Eatris Wagstaff was particularly keen on adding the middle name as it means that his initials are now ‘NEW’. Perhaps the most significant change comes from Anne-Charlotte who made the bold move to replace the second of her two first names with Eatris, and now becomes Anne-Eatris Fauvel.

The hope is that this collective gesture by the C&S team will inspire other members of the EATRIS community to follow suit and also change their middle names to ‘Eatris’. If you would like to join this movement, please let Jake Eatris Fairnie and Piret Eatris Pajula know at by midday today (1 April 2022).