About Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s biomedical research landscape has evolved substantially in recent years. The launch of the government’s “Health Sciences and Technologies Action Plan” six years ago led to the creation of several new institutes and initiatives with a particular focus on translational and personalised medicine.

Today, Luxembourg’s biomedical research sector comprises a biobank, several public research institute and a national health laboratory, all of which are internationally recognized within their field.

Luxembourg’s dedicated bioservice provider, IBBL, offers high quality samples and data, logistics, storage services, sample processing including liquid biopsies and exosomes isolation, sample analysis including targeted sequencing (MiSeq), RNA profiling and multiplex immunoassays as well as a specialised biomarker and method validation platform.

Further, Luxembourg’s institutes have set up multiple other technology platforms, such as an accredited molecular diagnostics testing lab, a mouse house, a mouse clinic, a cytometry platform, a confocal microscopy imaging facility, and platforms for clinical trial management and statistics. Together, Luxembourg’s researchers have a particular expertise in the following fields: biobanking, biospecimen science, metabolomics, proteomics, genomics, bioinformatics, microbiome, neurodegenerative diseases, oncology, immunology, population health and tissue engineering.