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EATRIS offers a range of services to investigators preparing funding applications. The services described below can be provided for any European call involving translational research. Mainly, H2020 Societal Challenge 1 (Health, Demographic change and well-being); ERANET calls such as E-RARE, TRANSCAN, EURONANOMED, NEURONS, ERA-CVD, etc., as well as calls published by national funders and charities.

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As a PI, how can I involve EATRIS in my proposal?

  • Are you looking for partners for your proposal? Use our Fast MatchMaking service

EATRIS is comprised of 80 high level academic institutions located in 12 European countries. Thanks to a comprehensive database of our infrastructure’s cutting-edge technologies, EATRIS helps you identify suitable partners with specific expertise and capabilities to strengthen your project proposal. To submit a Fast MatchMaking request, please download the template here.

  • Are you looking for translational expertise (i.e. regulatory, intellectual property, industry partnering) to increase the impact of your proposal? EATRIS Inside can support you

EATRIS can join your consortium as a partner or subcontractor and offer a range of activities to accelerate the innovative dimension of your project (Innovation Work Package).

Activities are tailor-made to each proposal, but usually include the following aspects:

  1. Translational feasibility continual assessment: EATRIS will monitor the project and project’s results to ascertain a timely evaluation of the translational potential of the results generated during the project, including protection of intellectual property, and where relevant the identification of regulatory pathway for further validation to maximize impact of the project and feasibility to reach the clinic. At the end of the project, EATRIS will perform a full translational assessment of the project, by assembling a multi-disciplinary team of experts to identify the most promising results and support in the definition of follow-up validation route.
  2. Innovation Office: with the Innovation Office, EATRIS offers day-to-day real time support by providing access to expertise and tools necessary to expedite and ease the process of protecting valuable inventions, and approach relevant industry players in the innovation pipeline. Innovation Office activities can also include legal and regulatory support, as well as the setting up and coordination of an industry/innovation advisory board.

As a PI from an EATRIS member institution, what additional support can I benefit from?

If your organisation is an EATRIS institution, EATRIS can support your proposal before submission with a free of charge translational assessment. The goal of this service is to improve the quality of funding applications (H2020, ERANET’s, charities’ funding calls) by performing a pre-submission translational assessment of the project plan.

By providing feedback to the investigator on translational feasibility, investigators can optimise their plans to ensure an efficient transition to clinical development.

How does it work?

  • The principal investigator (PI) submits a short project plan to EATRIS C&S.
  • EATRIS will provide feedback on issues such as medical need, market and pipeline overview, regulatory pathway, intellectual property.
  • EATRIS may recommend additional consortium partners within the EATRIS member institutions that could add value to the proposal.
  • EATRIS provides a report back to PI.

Timeline: EATRIS PI interested in using this service should contact EATRIS at least 6-8 weeks before the application deadline. Requests will be treated on a first-come, first-served basis, within the limits of EATRIS Coordination Office staff capacities.

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