ECPM Diploma Course in Pharmaceutical Medicine

Course provider The European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine (ECPM)
Duration Two years
Location University of Basel
Cost CHF 14,750
Language English
Deadline for registration March 31st, 2017
Start date Sept 4th, 2017
End date (final exam) August 20th 2019 & September 10th 2019
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The postgraduate Training Programmes in Pharmaceutical Medicine are based on curricular units in a modular format. The ECPM Diploma Course comprises six modules (24 days) spread over a two year period and provides a foundation of integrated knowledge in science-based medical product development and regulation.  Each module has a face-to-face course plus distance-learning activities, which allows a vocational training.



Module 1: September 04-07, 2017
Global Drug Development and Pharmaceutical Business Environment

Module 2: February 05-08, 2018
From Non-Clinical Testing to First-in-Humans

Module 3: June 25-28, 2018
Planning, Collecting and Managing Clinical Data

Module 4: September 03-06, 2018
Clinical and Safety Data Evaluation

Module 5: February 04-07, 2019
Global Registration and Approval Process

Module 6: June 24-27, 2019
Integrated Product Development, Healthcare Marketplace and Marketing

Final Examination
August 20, 2019 and September 10, 2019

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